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Download Xender File Sharing app for Android

Xender is a file sharing app for your mobile phone and other smart devices. By using this app you can transfer your data from one device to another device, that data can be file of any type like pictures, videos, sounds, applications and other documents, it more faster than Bluetooth speed up to 200 times higher than that of transferring by using Bluetooth.

It will not charge you even a single penny for doing this job  even it didn’t utilize your data package or any other assets you own by your phone

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Xender supports cross platform file sharing by which it means that you can transfer your data from one operating system to other type of operating system as you can transfer data from android to iOS, from mobile to PC or Mac, you can send data from android to windows phone and many other devices in short what device you have it will fulfill your requirements. Xender Team brings this amazing app for you so you can download it from 9apps.

xender file transfer

Xender (File Sharing Master) Main Features

  • Transfer files with flash speed
  • Share all kinds of files without restrictions
  • Free of network connection
  • Send large files without limitation
  • Supports cross platform transferring
  • Smart phone replication
  • File manager
  • Check out connected friends’ mobile apps
  • Friendly design
  • Slide pictures to share
  • Supported languages

Download Xender For Android Free from 9apps


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